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Rid your Hoverboard in a Coolest and Safest Way2016-06-15

HOVERBOARD is the hottest gift since 2015. Most of young guys and children are fascinated to it. They beg his or her parents to buy it. However, the parents are very worried about the safety. Sometimes hoverboard/self-balancing scooter is hard to control. In many cases, it is very unstable and dangerous.  See the below news:


SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -If you received one of this year's hottest Christmas gifts, watch out. Many recipients are finding themselves being treated for serious injuries.

Hospital Workers Warn Of Rise In Hoverboard Injuries

MIAMI (CBSMiami) — Hospital workers are warning those with hoverboards to be mindful after the number of reported injuries has soared since the holidays.Nicklaus Children’s Hospital’s Emergency Department says they have treated about 54 children with injuries related to hoverboards from December 15 to January 9th. Of those, they say, 42 of them were treated for fractures with some needing surgery.

From serious head injuries to broken bones, about 20 hurt in Baton Rouge hoverboard accidents

Hoverboard crashes caused at least three serious head injuries this weekend, said Dr. Charles Bowie, a neurosurgeon at The Neuromedical Center in Baton Rouge who saw two children and one adult at a local hospital after they crashed while riding their new hover boards. These serious head injuries probably represent a small percentage of the unreported bruises, scratches and slight sprains suffered over the weekend, he said.

Are you also worried that your children will be injured in playing with the hoverboards? 

Don’t worry. We have a new safety accessory that can help people ride the hoverboard in the safest way.

It is called “Hoverboard Cart”  It is the new accessory for your hoverboard. It likes a chair, you can sit on it and control the hoverboard by it’s handlebars and swivel caster.

Your hoverboard will become a seated, safe three-wheeled vehicle that is more stable, safer and cooler.



Specifications:You can totally control your overboard to accelerate, brake, turn by the handlebar and swivel caster

Very safe for children to ride the hoverboard

Make your hoverboard clime and ride downhill easily 

Easy to install this cart to your overboard

the handlebars can control the hoverboard to move forward or backward. and you can also control the speed by the handlebars.You can use the feet to control the direction very easily. 


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