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Five BEST Phone 3-axis handheld gimbal stabilizers Reviews2017-05-01

How to choose a high-cost performance gimbal stabilizer for your smartphone?

We chose 5 most popular brands and made a comparison testing. The testing result will help you make a wiser decision in buying a new gimbal stabilizer or chose a better supplier.

Five most popular and best selling brands:

DJI OSMO Mobile vs Zhiyun Z1 vs FEIYU G4 Plus vs Shining Gimbal S1 vs Uoplay2.

best phone handheld gimbal stabilizers

We’re going to take a look at each in turn – focusing on some key features and offering our opinions – and conclude with our final recommendations for both individual consumers and retailers/wholesalers

Comparison Video for five most popular smartphone gimbals

5 Most Popular Smartphone Gimbal Comparison Table

 best handheld gimbal stabilizer 

  • Feiyu G4 Plus Testing Result


  • Easy in use


  • No bluetooth connectivity
  • Only one button
  • Not good in control


  • very easy in use;
  • User-friendly clip design;
  • the joystick is very functional;
  • Advanced hand-tuning; (standout features)
  • Three Modes Switch;
  • Adjust to any follow speed easily
  • Optimized Bluetooth connection
  • Zhiyun Z1 Smooth Testing Result


  • good in the package


  • the clip is not good, clipping my fingers
  • the joystick is not functional
  • cannot be balanced automatically
  • Not easy in using
  • no Bluetooth connectivity
  • DJ1 Osmo Mobile Testing Result


  • Good in package
  • App function is good;
  • User-friendly clip design;
  • joystick is very functional;


  • a little complicated
  • Cannot use it without installing app
  • cannot adjust the following speed
  • Price is higher
  • Uoplay2 Testing Result


  • Good in package
  • App function is available;
  • the mode switch on the handle


  • app is complicated, not as good as DJI
  • Cannot use it without installing app
  • Cannot connect to the Bluetooth automatically
  • Not stable when using, out of balance often
  • Price is higher

Our experience reveals that SG-S1 is the clear winner when it comes to the most simple ease use and high-cost performance.

SG-S1(shining gimbal) stands out thanks to its remarkably easy operating designs and stabilities – which anyone should be able to pick up in several minutes – and master the functions very easily. On top of that, it’s the cheapest option on our list. That’s a hard combination to beat.

Although both the out-date first generation product of Zhi Yun and Fei Yu are not expensive, but we don’t suggest you buy them because the functions are limited. The technology is upgraded now. Just as we would not buy iPhone4 or 5 anymore after Apple published iPhone7, right?

We can choose a better one instead of the out-date models.

We can find many vlogs on youtube just because they were produced earlier. People knew them earlier, but their performances are already not the best in this industry.

The algorithm and the structure of the hardware are out of date. We will test their updated new version later. But the new versions are much more expensive, similar price with DJI.

I think if I am a videographer, I prefer to choose the new brand like Shining Gimbal S1, but not Zhiyun Z1 or Feiyu G4. The gimbal stabilizers are updated very fast. It is better not to waste the money on some out-date product.


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