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How to identify genuine Samsung hoverboard battery?2016-04-17

Many customers ask us how to identify genuine Samsung hoverboard battery. We would like to give some tips here.
First, don’t look at the label. Actually all the labels of hoverboard batteries have to be replaced by the shipping agents because of the air shipping rules and the custom rules.
Hoverboard battery pack cannot stick the label with Samsung logo because they are not produced by Samsung. The battery packs just use Samsung battery cells.
So even the label says it is Samsung. It is not true. Just ignore the labels at all.

There are 20 cells 18650 Rechargeable Lithium Battery cells that are series and parallel packed in one overboard battery(10S2P). Normally it is 36V, 4.4Ah.

18650 is a lithium cylinder type battery with a diameter of 18mm and a length of 65mm , hence its name 18650. Most notebook batteries contain the 18650 battery pack.

In order to save costs, Sony attempted to alter the dimensions. But because the 18650 lithium is stable, with a high capacity, no memory requirements, environmental protection and other features, it has gradually replaced the hydride battery in electronic products. Even Tesla Motors is using a Panasonic 18650 battery. Can you say it is not safe?

18650 cell

It is no problem to ride hoverboards anywhere. It is very safe. But you have to ensure your supplier uses good quality 18650 cells.

18650 cells have some standard parameters. For example, 18650 cell’s nominal voltage is 3.7V, then the maximum charge voltage should be 4.2V and the minimum discharge voltage should be 2.75V. This means that, when the maximum charge to 4.2V is full, you should stop charging. Discharging the battery to 2.75V means no electricity.

Let’s take a look at hoverboard battery. Generally, we need to assemble many 18650 cells in several parallels together into a battery pack.

Battery power is calculated as 10 (number of cells) x 3.6 (standard battery voltage) x 4.4A (4400ma battery capacity) = 158.4WH, which results in a large-capacity battery pack.

You cannot say it's good or bad quality based on the information of label or just check the pack. The only method to identify it is real or fake is that you have to open the pack and check 18650 battery cells in it. If it is original Samsung battery, it should be Samsung logo and series number printed clearly on it as this picture.

samsung battery for hoverboard

Why do we have to know if the battery cells are genuine or fake? Because if the factories use the fake cells in the batteries, that will cause hoverboard explode or catch fire. You can see what the fake battery cell looks like in the below picture. It is even made by sand. It is very dangerous when the voltage is too high in charging or short circuit situation.And we cannot expect the factories to use the high quality protection circuit in the pack if they already use the cheap and low-quality fake cells. So there is no protection function and low performance in using. 

fake samsung battery hoverboard

(Warning: we don’t suggest our customers to do that if your battery is working very well. And this operation should be operated by the professionals. Otherwise the pack will be damaged and cannot be used anymore.)

Since it is hard to open the pack and check by yourselves. The Practical approach is to ask the seller to provide MSDS(Material Safety Data Sheet) report and UN38.3 test report that can prove the safety of the products. You can see the reports on our website.

As we know, most of the hoverboard factories may not use the genuine or original Samsung or LG batteries, but they also use the cells made by large battery factories in China. The quality is also fine. That will not cause the fire in general environment if the customers use and charge hoverboards as the instructions. Only very few bad factories ever produced the very low-quality products. So we cannot deny all the Chinese factories and stop using this fantastic product.

Of course, for the safety of you and your family, it is better to choose the high quality batteries and chargers to avoid any danger.

To improve the quality of our battery, you can see the strict and standard production line and testing of the hoverboard battery in the pictures.

safe hoverboard battery hoverboard samsung battery

Our battery manufacture also have the <Products Liability Insurance> in all over the world. So all of our customers can purchase our battery and all other products. We can ensure the safety.

The report here:

un38.3 hoverboard batteryMSDS hoverboard battery

our battery insurance:

landbird hoverboard battery insurance

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  • Hi Michelle, LandBird can ship the products to Canada. Our warehouse is in Los Angeles, US.

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  • Hi Dick, 20 cells for 36v, 10 series, 2 parallel packed.(10S2P)

    Posted by Vivian on
  • Where can I buy a battery in CanadaÉ

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  • 22 cells for a 36v configuration you say? You should probably check your sources.

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  • Where can I buy a safe battery. I live in Scotland UK.

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