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Why did some low-quality hoverboards explode? How to choose the good self-balancing boards?2016-02-18

Are your hoverboards safe?? Over the past few months, there have been over 50 reports of hoverboards exploding or catching fire in the United States. Similar events have occurred in United Kingdom and Hong Kong as well, and some homes have caught fire as a result. The common denominator is that all these fires and explosions began while the hoverboards were charging. This is a horrible thing. 
We believe that the issue will persist if we don’t address it soon. Today, in the United States, there are thousands of self-balancing boards with low-quality chargers. And this makes for a dangerous situation. 
Most people are probably aware of the fact that these explosions were caused by the hoverboard battery. Do you know the working principle of the lithium battery? Do you know how it can explode? Well, I will explain the technical reason why this might take place. And once you’ve read my article, I hope you’ll decide to change your low-quality chargers as soon as possible. If possible, you should change your hoverboard battery too – but at least the charger. That way you’ll significantly reduce the risk of burning your house down.  
As we all know, self-balancing boards have become very popular in the United States, especially in 2015. And actually, as we all know, these boards are manufactured in Shenzhen, China. There are thousands of factories that make other electronic products, such as this new handle-free segway. The lithium battery suppliers are thrilled with these new opportunities. The best lithium batteries on the market are Samsung and LG batteries, and the LandBird Self-Balancing Boards ONLY use Samsung batteries and LG batteries, as well as the best main boards as the picture. The quality is the very best out there! The problem is that there are so many brands of hoverboards that use low-quality batteries and chargers.
self balancing scooter battery
Let us tell you why the hoverboards can explode when charging.
About the self-balancing board Charger:
hoverboard charger UL
UL hoverboard charger
Our Charger is much larger than the cheap chargers because it includes the protection circuits.
Some hoverboards with the constant-current charger are lacking in overcharge protection. This means that the electric current is always 2A. And if the battery doesn’t have overcharge protection either, then it may overcharge, explode and potentially cause a fire. 
This is why we strongly advise customers to choose the good Constant-Voltage lithium battery charger rather than the low-quality options on the market. The good charger includes overcharge protection, and when the battery is almost full, the current drops to a set level. Of course, if the battery is high-quality and comes with overcharge protection, it will not cause an explosion.
The bad chargers will also hurt the batteries. In other words, they will decrease the life and the performance of the batteries, which will cause a number of problems. For example, your hoverboards may not climb as well – or as high – as they did when you first bought them. Consequently, you should consider changing the chargers and the batteries too.
About the Batteries:

Why did the battery explode? The reason depends on the safety of the battery materials and the protection circuit. Overheated battery modules create a domino effect, producing more and more heat, which often leads to fire and/or explosion. 
There are many different kinds of batteries available for the hoverboards. Good batteries (Samsung, LG and some good Chinese brands) can be distinguished from bad batteries because their overcharge protection does not fail. In addition, if the overcharge protection fails, the temperature of good batteries is less than 1,000 degrees. But the temperature of a bad battery may rise to thousands of degrees instantly! This is undeniably very dangerous.

Even at high temperatures, not all of the batteries failed — some had internal safety features that prevented the dangerous reaction. There are many factors that may lead to explosion. Short-circuiting and high temperatures are two such examples, as well as inconsistencies in the cells. Some battery manufacturers produce batteries with the different cells as the picture, which is also extremely dangerous. 
If the battery manufactures don’t conduct strict testing, the chance of an explosion is high, especially if the charger is low-quality as well.
This is the testing of landbird hoverboard Samsung battery comparing to a bad battery.

Battery Testing:

As customers – rather than distributors – we don’t need to know as much about the technology involved in the manufacturing process. However, it is essential that we purchase high-quality hoverboards, and that we are able to distinguish which models are high-quality and which ones are not. So, ask the seller if the product includes a Samsung or LG battery, and if the charger comes with a UL and FCC certificate.
LandBird Self-Balancing Scooters use the best Samsung and LG battery (5C). The chargers are of the highest quality, and they come with both certificates.
Our chargers can also match all the brands of hoverboards in the market today. You can buy them separately, for only $39.90.
In order for you and your family to stay safe, refrain from using the low-quality chargers from this point on. In fact, if you are good at DIY projects, you can buy the best batteries on the LandBird Board website. We will let you know how to replace the batteries in this case. It is very easy, and it will make your boards perform better than ever before!!
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